Akashic FAQ'S (frequently asked questions)

  • How long are sessions and what should I do to prepare?

All Akashic sessions are 50 minutes and consist of a brief question and answer time, a 40-45 minute reading, and a closing integration or discussion.   Several days prior to the reading it is beneficial if you allow yourself some time to meditate or think deeply on your intention for this reading.  Additionally, many people find it helpful if they write down questions relating to life issues,  concerns, purpose or direction.   These questions can be general or specific and can involve anything…  relationships, career, finances, health, direction, past lives, etc.

  • How many sessions to do I need and how often?

I always leave this up to the client.  Most clients finish their session saying they have more questions they want answers for and they often want to know when they should schedule their next appointment.  I usually suggest that you allow yourself ample time to fully integrate all the of the healing and information that vibrationally came through in the session and that continues to do so for many days after the reading.  30 days is usually a good integration time and you will know when, or if, you should schedule another session.  This is a great opportunity to listen to your inner guidance and respond accordingly.  

  • Will I learn more about my past lives during the reading?

Yes, if it is relative to the question being asked.  To generally ask the question "Tell me about a past live or lives," doesn't really solicit much information from the Records.  Past life information comes forward through the Records in order to help with current day issues or concerns.  Past or parallel lives are only relative if they shed some light, provide healing, or give guidance and support for current situations. 


Hypnotherapy FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

  • How long are sessions and what should I do to prepare?

All Hypnotherapy sessions are 50 minutes.  (10 minutes of intake and goal related discussion time, 30 minutes of hypnotherapy, and 10 minutes of integration and discussion).  You are required to complete an Intake Form prior to your session and a brief phone consultation may be required to establish and clarify your goals.  You are asked to refrain from the consumption of any caffeine at least two hours prior to your appointment.  Refraining from caffeine prior to your session improves the relaxed state of your hypnotic trance and the success of your therapy. 

  • What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy involves the use of trance and suggestion to adjust habits of thought, feeling or behavior. Hypnotherapy is commonly used to help clients with anxiety, fears, phobias, weight management, smoking cessation, pain management, self esteem and numerous other health related or emotional issues.  It is believed that the subconscious mind makes up approximately 90% of your total mind power and it contains a "mental movie" of your life experiences.  By quieting the conscious mind, and then accessing information in the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy gives you the opportunity to make changes quickly and permanently through direct suggestions based on your affirmations and goals.  The benefits of hypnotherapy are truly limitless and each session uniquely addresses your current needs and desires.

  • Does hypnotherapy involve mind control and can I be made to do something I don't agree with or want?

​No. You are in control at all times while in the hypnotic state and you can return to full consciousness at any time you feel the need to.  A suggestion is only accepted by the subconscious mind if it is in alignment with your beliefs and desires.   You will automatically reject any suggestion that is contrary to your nature, morals, or self preservation.   The ego cannot be detached during hypnotherapy and you will never share secrets nor do anything you wouldn't normally do while in a trance state.  

  • What if I'm concerned I cannot be hypnotized?

​All hypnosis is "self hypnosis" and is NOT sleep.  Hypnosis is the deeply relaxed state you move through each morning and evening as you wake up and fall asleep.  This "in-between" state is also often encountered during your day when you are absorbed in a TV show or a movie, when day dreaming, working, or reading, and sometimes even when driving your car.  During hypnosis you always have complete control of your body, but you are very relaxed and your conscious mind will quiet enough to allow the subconscious mind to more clearly focus on desired goals.  You cannot be made to enter hypnosis against your will and it is important that you understand that Hypnotherapy is not the dramatic stage hypnosis you may have grown up seeing in movies.  Although you are deeply relaxed during Hypnotherapy, your senses are always alert and awake during the trance state, and you are always in control.  

  • Is there a difference between hypnosis and meditation? 

In meditation you are usually asking the mind to quiet and be present, allowing the body to relax and heal.  During hypnosis you use the deeply relaxed trance state to guide the mind towards a specific goal or affirmation. 

  • How many sessions will I need?  Can I be cured with one session?

It is very common, and most likely, that you will see improvement with one session.  However, different issues require unique and different healing times.  You will usually see significant improvement with several sessions, yet ongoing personal work or behavior modifications will also be needed to make your improvements stick.  A standard or norm for most behavior related issues is three sessions, with at least one week between each session.   Please keep in mind that every client is unique and the expected number of sessions needed should be addressed during the initial intake consultation.   Additionally, your comfort with the process of hypnotherapy dramatically impacts the success of the session .