Akashic Talisman Jewelry


Do you choose it?

or Does it choose you?

All gemstone jewelry is lovingly created and then held in the Akashic field by Kirsten Harwick Mills until clearly communicating it’s desired offering. You can choose a bracelet that aligns with your current desires by viewing them at Cura Integrative or you can order one online, trusting the right one will choose you.  If you are wanting a deeper dive, you can take an Akashic Talisman Journey with an Akashic consult and a mala created just for you.

Gemstone Bracelets


Akashic gemstone bracelets available at Cura Integrative or Shipped to your home

Artist of Your Spirt Workshops

Artist of Your Spirit Workshops

January 29, 2019 (6:30 - 8:00PM)

Custom Mala and Consult

Custom Mala and Akashic Consult

One hour remote (phone) Akashic Consult and Akashic Talisman Mala created just for you.