• THANK YOU for my last session with you… it really worked.  I've taken an ENORMOUS leap forward with my creative work, and I've finally moved past all kinds of blockages that have been in my way for years. It's like they melted away into nothing, and the things that were my huge challenges are suddenly easy.”  ~Carole

  • "My life since yesterday has shifted in such a major way.  I feel ALL the years of hard work and persistence have dovetailed into a time such as this.  I am euphoric, grounded, safe, secure, at peace like never before with the whole world at my beckoning call.  A Mega Huge Thank You for your time, insights, ideas, suggestions and sharing your Divine Feminine Spirit and Energy!" ~Steven

  • "Kirsten has a huge heart and is a powerful listener. If you are feeling lost and need help, definitely check her out!  I'm so grateful to have her as I go through powerful transitions in my life! "  ~C.J. 

  • "Thank you, sincerely, from my heart for today. It was nothing like I expected in the best way. I couldn't wait to get home and drop you a line both to thank you and to jot down thoughts to review later. I feel very blessed to have had you there with me, I mean that. Thank you, again sincerely. "  ~Johnathan

  • "Thank you so much for seeing me last Friday.  It was an uplifting, emotional and powerful experience.  I am excited to see where my journey will lead!  I’ve definitely already started on my homework and am feeling more empowered.  Thank you for sharing your gift."  ~Chris

  • "I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the absolutely incredible experience today. I truly feel different, and in the most wonderful, peaceful way. I can't thank you enough, and I'm so excited to have more sessions.  Thanks again for such a beautiful experience--I truly feel like this is the beginning of a more peaceful and joyous life for me!!" ~Becky

  • "Kirsten's hypnotherapy sessions have been just what I needed to move forward. She truly has a healing gift and she has led me to a deeper understanding of myself and my emotions.  She makes it personal and comfortable... I have never felt more focused on my path to wellness.”  ~Lindsay

  • "I have witnessed the extent to which Kirsten has aided in the emotional and spiritual healing of her clients, and she has helped me to explore and uncover my own limiting agreements and patterns. Kirsten practices with the most loving intention, and I feel Kirsten's greatest strength as a healer is the compassion she holds for all beings."  ~Brad

  • "I wanted to THANK YOU for the wonderful experience that my dear friend had with you last week Friday.  She is truly and literally glowing, strengthened, and inspired!  Your time together had an enormously huge and positive impact on her…and I am very grateful for the love and insight you shared with her during your session."  ~Kathy